Audits – ISM/ISPS/Navigational audits

Our team of Master Mariners carry out Internal ISM/ISPS/Navigational audits for companies as per the specifications laid down by the Company ISM & ISPS manual. The vessel is audited for compliance with mandatory ISM/ISPS/Navigation regulations.  The audit involves inspection of the vessel and documents as required by ISM/ISPS. Interviews with the shipboard staff and boat/fire drill are conducted to evaluate the overall performance of the crew and their awareness to safety and security procedures and special attention is provided for bridge team/bridge resource management. We provide training to navigating officers in key features like navigating in coastal waters/restricted visibility/master/pilot information exchange etc.  On successful completion of the audit, the Master is made aware of non conformities & observations pertaining to the inspection.  A detailed discussion of corrective action is advised to the Master. The audits help us in understanding the issues involved in implementation of the policies and we train shipboard staff in being ready for an audit at any time. This helps the shipboard staff to be better equipped for external audits. 

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